Soap Distillery Body Oils

Soap Distillery Body Oils

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These lightweight, quick absorbing body oils are made from pure fruit, seed, and nut oils. This lightweight formula is great all year round, but especially in the winter after a good sugar scrub down. Great as a lotion replacement after the shower. High in antioxidants, this body oil will spoil you. A little goes a long way! 

approximately 4oz.

Negroni: Bitter, floral, and sweet. A blend of sweet orange, neroli blossom, and hints of rose and fir needle.

Beer + Cigarettes: Not what you'd expect, scents of green and dried tobacco leaves, freshly cut lavender buds, and just a touch of damp oakmoss. It's a fresh, unisex scent that is loved by all.

Bourbon: Smoked oak wood combined with a touch of sweetness from vanilla essential oil and a sprinkle of spices are blended to create this all time favorite scent. This is a favorite scent of both men and women, with a little sweetness and depth.

Limoncello: A bright and citrusy but creamy blend of essential oils infused in a calendula oil base. It's seriously, a bottle full of sunshine. Whenever you're feeling down, take a good shower or a nice long bath, and moisturize afterwards with Limoncello body oil!

Gin: This fragrance embodies everything regarding fresh and clean. Juniper berry with honeysuckle and clary sage. If you love clean, fresh, and well blended herbaceous scents, this one is for you. 

Lavender Bitters: Fragrant and relaxing, this will turn your post shower moisturizing into a day at the spa. Floral with a hint of spice and citrus, it's well balanced and perfect for anyone who loves the scent of fresh flowers and cut ginger. 

Elderflower Liqueur: A blend with sweet sugary florals, citrus fruits, and the warmth of honey. 

Product notes: Please keep this out of the sun to prolong the life of the product. Use caution as oil can make surfaces slippery. Make sure the oil has been absorbed before putting on lightweight clothing.